The rise of Barcelona teenager AnsuFati has been spectacular with the young Guinea-Bissau born forward breaking records this season. He became the second-youngest scorer in Barcelona history and has also shown glimpses of what he can do on the pitch.

However, despite his rise in fame in the past few weeks, Barcelona are understandably trying to downplay the hype. This can be attributed to what happened to another teenage sensation, BojanKrkic. Bojan was regarded as the golden boy of Barcelona after emerging from the Barcelona youth team at a young age.

Bojan Krkic Leaves Stoke, the Championship Club

10 years in football might seem like a lifetime. So, was for Bojan. In the year 2009, Bojan Krkic Perez had been the new kid in the Barcelona team. The teenage boy had made his way to stardom along a path which was too dangerous for several people to even think about walking on. He plundered about 990 goals during his youth level prior to surging through La Masia and made a debut as the 3rd youngest in the popular illustrious history of the club. He had a record of many firsts.

Across several levels of youth football that he had experienced when he was learning and growing at La Masia, he clocked around 900 goals for Barca. In fact, his junior goal scoring record is a legend. His swiftness of thought and innate speed, his debt dribbling, and close control left many surprised. Barcelona chiefs had started counting says to his seventeenth birthday eager to sign him up as soon as possible.

Bojan Krkic Switch His Place of Solace from England to Barcelona

Bojan Krkic is currently with Stoke City in Championship, he is currently 28 years old but as a youngster back when he was 17, he came to the light as “The new Messi”. With all the pressure, the wunderkind had a tough time living up to the expectations but now growing and rising up, Bojan was happy and satisfied as to the second tier of England.

Known since his teen years, Bojan’s career was predicted to be long and commitment fulfilled by the Giants of Spain, as he scored 850 goals for the teams of Barca youth. But going against the wave of predictions, he withdrew after the age of 20 as he lost his regular spot even after the hard work of scoring 41 times for Barcelona in 163 appearances.


Stoke City were the bookie's favourites at the beginning of the season to make an instant return to the Premier League but their season has pelted out. The Potters have been average this season with their inability to score a major problem for the team.

This was evident in their last fixture where the team played to a goalless draw at home to struggling Reading. Despite dominating the game Stoke City were unable to find the breakthrough in the match. Tom Ince was one of two players to hit the bar for the host after sending a shot onto the post in the first half.

Bojan Bitter over failed transfer move

Bojan Krkic situation is one of a failed potential as the player touted by many a decade ago to take the football World by storm has been reduced to a lower league player. The former Barcelona forward has been with English outfit Stoke City since the summer of 2014.

Despite beginning his career at the club aplomb with goals and assists the player continued his prior trend of falling by the wayside after starting well.


Stoke City striker BojanKrkic is said to be on the verge of a move away from the Brittania Stadium following a difficult season at Stoke and New England Revolution are said to be monitoring his situation.

Major League Soccer outfit New England Revolution are reportedly tabling an offer for former Barcelona player BojanKrkic as the Spaniard tries to force his way out of Stoke City.

Bojan Krkic Discloses His Frustrations For Being Labelled As The “New Messi”

Following the Argentine out of the academy system of Barcelona, the forward admitted that he has struggled to handle the pressure of high expectations. There are a lot of players who were labeled as the “new Lionel Messi” from many years and one such player was the former star player of Barcelona, Bojan Krkic, he was always rated very high and was considered as the next big thing in the football. But in a recent press conference, he admitted that these high expectations let him down as the immense pressure to perform with such a high leveled frustrated him and hence he was unable to give his best. With the tag of “new Messi”, he struggled to find his way and show his real talent.

When he entered the professional football, huge things were expected from the exciting frontman. And the pundits of football started calling him the upcoming legend and they, in fact, proved to be true as the young lad went to do net 12 times in a breakthrough campaign which was held between 2007 and 2008 and very soon reached the tally of double figures in all the first 3 seasons as a star (senior). However, with the passage of time he faded and was unable to match the expectations and also wasn’t able to scale the heights of his legend former colleague and contended that the expectations at such a young age cost him a lot.

Bojan: From The Very First Day I Was Told That I Had To Be A Son Of A Fool

By reflecting on his football career so far, Bojan Krkic the former Barcelona striker has stated that he was not happy to be asked to give something that was contrary to his personality. The future is now in the English championship with the Stoke City and looking back at his career’s old days in an interview with the media.

He said, "From my career’s first day, I was asked I should be a son of a fool". He added, "At the first instance when I heard this, I was not too conscious of what it exactly means, but after a year I understood it, though I have never been able to. I played in best Barcelona teams all the time, in Milan, on Ajax, with Roma. That time I was able to score goals in all four major leagues." He added. While some may feel that the career of Bojan so far is an unfulfilled promise, he feels it is the wrong way to look at things.

Bojan on his career

BojanKrkic has revealed how he was anxious to play for Barcelona. He said that he was only 17 at that time and he was training at the famous La Masia training center with the likes of Samuel Etoo and Iniesta and that he was so afraid that he did not want to touch a water bottle.

He said that there was too much pressure at Barcelona and this is the main reason why he was not able to perform to the best of his abilities.

Porto & Benfica Keen To Take Bojan Krkic In Their Teams

There is no denying that the Barcelona man Bojan Krkic showed his spectacular performance in the preseason, which has attracted most of the biggest football teams in Europe. The forward from Stoke City did attract two of football teams of Portugal Benfica and Porto. Many teams did assess the performance of Krkic during preseason as he was indeed the best player. As a result, Benfica and Porto are planning to make a move to take him either on loan or on a permanent basis. Both teams feel that Krkic will be a good addition to face the attacks. As far as Stoke City is concerned, their main focus now is to obtain promotion to the Premier League and by no means will they come in the way of Krkic in regards to his decision of moving on. The transfer market in England is non-operational on Thursday which means they have less or no time left to seek a skilled replacement for Krkic.

Football League squads are given permission to do loan deals post the closure of a window which is not the same in the case of Premier Leagues. Krkic spent the entire last season with Alaves on a loan basis and may be preparing himself to join a new league sooner or later. After his tenure in England, Holland and Spain, it is now time to include Portugal in his list.