Bojan Krkic Switch His Place of Solace from England to Barcelona

Bojan Krkic is currently with Stoke City in Championship, he is currently 28 years old but as a youngster back when he was 17, he came to the light as “The new Messi”. With all the pressure, the wunderkind had a tough time living up to the expectations but now growing and rising up, Bojan was happy and satisfied as to the second tier of England.

Known since his teen years, Bojan’s career was predicted to be long and commitment fulfilled by the Giants of Spain, as he scored 850 goals for the teams of Barca youth. But going against the wave of predictions, he withdrew after the age of 20 as he lost his regular spot even after the hard work of scoring 41 times for Barcelona in 163 appearances.

He has stood back due to the spell of the loan with Alaves and the Mainz, before his comeback he was seen playing for Roma and then later with AC Milan, also spotted with Ajax and Stoke. Bojan believes in following his head rather than his heart because quitting while he was 20 wasn’t agreed by his heart as this was his home because Barcelona is where he wanted to be, in his circle of comfort. But as said, you become brave once you step out of the comfort zone. He also added It is scary to open a new door, wear a shirt not that usual, building a new fan base, and adjusting to the new culture and thinking patterns but the first step was necessary, it not only makes one brave but proud too.

Before joining back Barcelona, Bojan also faced a lot of struggles, which he explains in his BBC interview, In 2008, at Spain’s Euro squad, Bojan faced anxiety but he had to be tough and strong because this game is about survival of the fittest and there are 25 players, but only 11 get to play, and hence there is no scope of being vulnerable and weak during the game.
After all the struggle and the heart-head wars, Bojan is now back home to Barcelona as the strongest stoke forward and we welcome him back with open arms and heart.