Bojan on his career

BojanKrkic has revealed how he was anxious to play for Barcelona. He said that he was only 17 at that time and he was training at the famous La Masia training center with the likes of Samuel Etoo and Iniesta and that he was so afraid that he did not want to touch a water bottle.

He said that there was too much pressure at Barcelona and this is the main reason why he was not able to perform to the best of his abilities.

BojanKrkic was touted as being the next Messi and said that it was this pressure that prevented him from performing well. He said that he was selected to be part of the Spanish team in a friendly game in 2008 and he suffered from anxiety. From this point, his career suffered a lot and this hindered his development as a football player.
He said that he was so afraid that he refused to go to Euro 2008 with the Spanish team and that this is a decision that he will not regret. He believes that he will have suffered a lot if he went with the Spanish team and that he needed a break from football at that time.

“BojanKrkic is currently playing for Stoke City in England and said that this is a period of his life that he wants to forget.“ He said that he wants to focus on his current club and make sure that he gives his best on the pitch. He said that he is now more mature and that “he can handle pressure“ much better.

He said that he wants to help Stoke City win as many games as possible and reach the objectives that the manager and the board have set at the start of the season.