Xavi Hernandez was on the brink of leaving Barcelona a few months ago with rumors suggesting that the Spanish midfielder had planned on joining a club in the MLS or in Qatar but after everything was said and done, Xavi ultimately decided to stay as a player of Barcelona for at least one more season.

The experienced midfielder does not play such an important role for Barcelona as he used to do a few years ago but Xavi is well aware of that and he is quite happy with his role in the team mostly as a substitute player than anything else.

"I am happy. When my turn to play comes I will try to be useful. If it was only me, I never wanted to leave Barça. But the circumstances change, and I felt that maybe it was time to leave, but my mind got clear again and I knew I couldn't leave the club. I've had a lot of opportunities to leave, but my emotions have always got to me in the end. I told the club I didn't want to play for another European team; I didn't want to face Barcelona. I want to finish my career at Barça’’

Even though Xavi Hernandez is not making consistent performances for Barcelona, he still manages to break records at the age of 34 as the Spanish midfielder made his 142nd Champions League appearance and is now tied with the former star of Real Madrid, Raul.

When the contract of Xavi Hernandez with Barcelona eventually runs out and it’s his time to leave the Spanish club it still remains uncertain if he will choose to retire from playing football or make a move to another team. Xavi is being taken into consideration as a potential coach of Barcelona as he is viewed as a figure that can only make a huge influence inside the pitch but outside of it as well.