The manager of the Spanish national football team, Vicente Del Bosque, was watching the Cup semi final clash between the two Madrid based clubs Real and Atletico the other day and what he got to see there didn’t make him happy at all.

A few Spain players misbehaved with each other during that game and Bosque didn’t like it at all.

However, it was not the first instance of the Spanish internationals getting involved into a dispute on the ground. It has already been seen many times before especially during the El Clasicos.

Bosque believes that there is nothing wrong in playing the game with passion, but, the players to keep their calm on the field. Behaving with someone in a bad manner in the heat of the moment doesn’t look good at this level.

Talking to the reporters at the end of that match, Bosque said, “The players are expected to fight hard for their respective sides on the ground, but, getting into personal disputes is not sensible at all.”

With the World Cup going to start pretty soon, Bosque wants the relationship between the players of the national squad to be good and rightly so. Every manager likes positive environment in his camp especially going into a tournament as big as World Cup.

Being the defending champions, there would be some extra pressure on Spain during the World Cup. Most of the people are expecting them to deliver again at the biggest stage and there is no doubt that they are perfectly capable of doing that, but, they would be made to work hard for that.

Netherlands is the team which Spain will have to face in their opening game in the upcoming World Cup. That game will be played on 13th of June.