BojanKrkic made his way past the youth academy of Barcelona

BojanKrkic made his way past the youth academy of Barcelona in blazing form as the Spanish footballer is believed to have scored over 900 goals during his time in the youth division of the club and this was why he was promoted to the main team at the age of 17.

Despite showing promise Bojan could never really make a big impact in the main team or Barcelona and he was loaned out to a number of clubs including: As.Roma, Ac.Milan and Ajax. Both of the Italian clubs had the chance to sign BojanKrkic on a permanent basis but he failed on making an influence in any of those teams and he had to make a return to Barcelona before eventually being sold to Stoke City.

So far, Bojan has made 18 appearances for the Premier League club, Stoke City and has scored 5 goals. The young attacker has been going through a fairly slow start in the English League but nonetheless, Mark Hughes is confident that the €1.8 million he spent in signing Bojan was well spent.

The coach of Stoke City, Mark Hughes has stated that even though Bojan has had a fairly slow start in his new life in the Premier League, Hughes considers that the young attacker has done a good job and still has a lot more to offer.

“If you look at what we’ve got for the money we’ve paid then we have done really well.The money we paid for him takes people aback I would suggest given some of the figures bandied about for other players.’’

‘’Obviously he is an outstanding player, but I’ve also been really impressed with his personality.Given his career path some players’ heads would have been turned, but he is very level, he has great humility, is a good professional and we’re really pleased with him.”

On January 26, Bojan helped Stoke City defeat Rochdale in the 4th round of the FA Cup which concluded with the squad of Mark Hughes claiming a convincing 4-1 triumph but Bojan’s goal arrived at a cost as he sustained a knee injury that has left him out of action ever since that match and he is not expected to return for the remainder of the season.