Bojan Krkic has said that he wants to sign a permanent contract for AC Milan. Krkic is currently playing for Milan on loan. But, he is determined to perform well in the remaining part of the ongoing season and convince the manager of Milan to sign him on a permanent deal.

Krkic’s performance in the ongoing season hasn’t been that good so far. He has featured for Milan in 14 matches in the current season and has managed to score only on one occasion. His only goal came in the match against Chievo Verona. Milan had won that match by a huge margin of 5-1.

Talking to the reporters ahead of Milan’s match against Juventus, Krkic said, “It hasn’t been a great season for me so far, but, I can still turn it around. Almost, 50% of the matches are still to be played. So, there is enough time left for me to prove my worth here. Hopefully, I would score some goals in the remaining matches and would be able to earn a permanent contract at the end of the season.”

“I don’t want to leave Milan after just one year. I want to play for them for a few more years, but, it will happen only if I will put up some good performances in the rest of the matches.”

“I personally believe that I have been in decent form. It’s just that I have not been able to give finishing touches.”
When asked about Milan’s upcoming match against Juventus, Krkic said, “It’s a huge game for us. They have been the best performer in the competition so far and if we manage to pull off victory against them, it would boost our confidence a great deal. We won our previous match comprehensively, so, we will go into the Wednesday’s match with a bit of confidence.”