Bojan Offers His Views For England’s Performance

With every criticism ripe for the England team and Roy Hodgson getting the brunt of the deal, few have spoken up in his defense. One such expert is Bojan Krkic.

This former footballer is a popular voice in related media publications and he has expressed his thoughts on the performance of the England team and how their coach tried hard to make things right for the team. As per Bojan the star players of the team failed to show enthusiasm and the desperation to win, which is needed in any team when it is playing rounds in a league tournament. England has failed to show a killer instinct and that could be due to the fatigue that they felt coming on as they played one tournament after another.

The Series A and La Liga were tournaments that were played by the team before Premier League and the exertion of these games might have gotten pronounced on the players. For instance, Alvaro and Gareth Bale, who were exempted from the ranks definitely benefited from the break they got.

Bojan felt that the star players of England were capable of making an impact in the Premier League tournament, but had a lethargy about them that deprived them of having the true drive to get a win for their country. Exertions were taking a toll on the players as intense and long games were piled on last season. Bojan recollects the games he played himself, having been part of AC Milan for Series A games, La Liga tournament was part of Barcelona team and so forth. The England team was probably facing the fatigue of having taken part of several tournaments, each as intense as the other. Hence, Roy Hodgson felt that he had to freshen up the team by incorporating new players and putting others to rest as the Premier League started.