Bojan Krkic goes through another uninspired season

It´s pretty surprising just how much chances a talented youngster can get just because of a few impressive appearances in tournaments as well as glimpses of brilliance during their time in the youth academy.

This is basically what has happened with Bojan Krkic as the Spanish attacker made a name for himself during the 2007 U-17 FIFA World Cup; it was one of his 1st top competitions where he could showcase his skills.

Bojan Krkic performed in this tournament at the age of 15 and managed to finish as the 3rd highest goal-scorer which is very impressive taking into consideration that he was younger than most of the other players as well as only playing a limited amount of minutes in each match.

Most of his goals actually arrived from the bench as he was a second-half substitute player in many of his matches but despite his lower amount of time in the pitch, Bojan Krkic still was able to be named as the 3rd best player of the entire tournament.

Unfortunately for Bojan Krkic, his playing career took a dip ever since then as he was released from Barcelona and joined a number of clubs on loan deals including: As.Roma, Ac.Milan, Ajax and more recently Mainz 05.

Many of those previously mentioned clubs had the option to transform Bojan Krkic´s loan deal into a permanent one but after disappointing spells, none of them opted to keep him beyond the initial loan deal.

Mainz 05 is the latest club that ,a href="">Bojan Krkic joined on a loan deal and he managed to make 16 appearances but only scored 1 goal and provided his teammates with 1 assist.

At the age of 26, the Spanish performer has been given various chances to prove his worth and live up to the expectations but failed on accomplishing it and now his future is nowhere near as bright as it once was.