The big boys of the Premier League want to sign BojanKrkic

BojanKrkic’s career has seen him performing with some of the biggest clubs in the world such as: Ac.Milan, Barcelona, As.Roma and Ajax but the Catalan player failed to perform or to truly stand out with any of those clubs but his career has been brought back to life after he made a move to Stoke City.

The 25 year old Spanish attacker is a consistent starter in Stoke City and BojanKrkic has worked for that spot as he has been giving impressive performances in most of his matches, it has been going so well for Bojan that he has attracted the likes of: Chelsea, Manchester United and Liverpool.

When Mark Hughes was asked about Bojan’s transformation, the Welsh coach of Stoke City simply replied by saying that the Spanish player has simply found confidence and he plays well with the Premier League club.

Even with the recent interest that Bojan has been attracting from big clubs, he seems to be happy in Stoke City and it’s highly doubtful that he will be exiting the team where his career has sparked back to life.

"If you look at what Bojan has said this week to other media outlets, he's said he's very, very happy here. A big part of why he's doing well is the confidence that he has in the club, the team, the people around him.

"That allows him to perform and he's been to other clubs, big clubs in Europe, he's done that and didn't quite find what he's found here. He's quite happy at the moment so I don't think he's agitating for a move in January certainly." Stoke City’s Mark Hughes said as he was revealing details in relation to his €1.8 million arrival who has turned out to be an exceptional signing.

After disappointing spells with Barcelona, As.Roma, Ac.Milan and Ajax, Bojan seems to finally have found the place where he belongs and a transfer away from Stoke City could see his career crash right back down again.